Our daughter, Katharine, was a 21 year old Hamilton College senior when she was diagnosed with acute leukemia in late September, 2008. She died three weeks later.

Our daughter wasn't the typical smart kid. She struggled with some things, was dizzyingly proficient with others. She was curious and excited most of time, neat when she wanted to be, careless if there was something better to do. She asked questions in class and she challenged answers. She refused to accept that things were correct merely because they were politically correct. She held very strong convictions and she argued those convictions with a keen grasp of the facts, a lovely dash of humor and absolutely no arrogance. She believed that God had goals and expectations of her and she strove to meet them.

We can think of no finer way of honoring Katharine and the things that made her so special than by endowing a fund at Hamilton to advance the education and educational experiences of similar students. We are asking for your help in establishing this fund and in adding to it as years go by. We want her presence to be a part of Hamilton forever and would be very grateful for your help in making that possible.

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